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Click Here and Join GBG6 years ago I started my GBG business. I fell in love GBG and with the MLM business model.

A friend of mine told me that if I worked my business and was serious about it, it would pay me for the rest of my life.

And so far it has.

In the first couple years I signed up about 200 people personally, and helped my team sponsor hundreds more.

In the last 6 years I have been paid every month by GBG.

I get paid on months when I never sign up anyone!

I get paid when I take a month long vacation in the Smoky Mountains!

I get paid when I take time away from everything for months due to family emergencies.

The bottom line is I GET PAID.

Why do I get paid? I get paid because I grabbed hold of the opportunity and I took advantage of it.

How did I do that? I set goals. First I set a long term goal. Then I set monthly and weekly goals. I predetermined how many people I would talk to, how I was going to market my business, both online and offline. I decided to work my business a certain amount of hours each day, and I stuck to it. Every week I had a goal of a certain amount of people that I wanted to sponsor. I made short-term goals and achieved those goals creating small successes.

Eventually those small successes led to BIG TIME SUCCESS.

The” big time success” is what everyone sees…

What they don’t see is what I had to go through to get there. I wouldn’t say it was hard… But it definitely was consistent and on purpose!

Believe me, this kind of success is not because I was better than anyone else. YOU CAN GET PAID TOO! The same success and greater than that is available to anyone that sees a great opportunity and decides to step out in faith, and WORK IT! Yes, it is possible that you could achieve much greater success in GBG and do it much faster today than I did.

GBG IS BETTER THAN EVER! (more on that in a minute)

Take a minute to watch the NEW 2013 Just Push Play Video!

Friends, I am here to help you build your business. GBG is basically like a new company. GBG has gone back to our roots. We are focusing on two products. MA+IGP and the 10-IN-ONE. This is what our focus was 6 years ago when I started and this is the business model that will take GBG places it has never gone before!

One big difference between GBG then and GBG now is that YOU CAN MAKE MORE MONEY IN GBG TODAY than you could 6 years ago.

The compensation plan of today makes the GBG opportunity much better!

Our new MA+IGP is also an incredible product. AND ITS A HOT PRODUCT… everyone seems to want to get it. If you haven’t tried it, you need to get some! Testimonials are coming in every day from folks who say it is helping them so much. Check out our MA+IGP Facebook page too for more info! Check out the product, the NEWEST videos and the MA+IGP brochure.

By the way, If you were on Tuesday’s SUPER Call, you heard some pretty amazing announcements… one of which was the highly anticipated new JUST PUSH PLAY business opportunity presentation video! Well, the websites have now been updated and it is now LIVE!

Click here and go there now!

Read GBG Corp. newest update here:

If you “got away” from GBG it’s time to come back! 

Call corporate at 707-453-4650 and get your autoship started and get busy building! 

I am here to help you. I will be happy to help you set up your short-term and long-term goals. 

You can contact me anytime at 877-508-3388!

YES, the opportunity is great at GBG, you can build a business

that can pay you over and over again… 

even 6 years later and beyond. 




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