GBG Business Opportunity Pay Plan Videos

GBG Business and Pay Plan Explanation Videos



Yes you can build a walk away residual business income with your GBG Business! Working from home has never been easier… Look at what a little sharing of a great product called MA+IGP could do for your family and for your future!

I have built a walk away income stream…. but I am not walking away! I am here to help you build your business. GBG has a great product that is helping many people. That is my goal. To help others first and what a joy to earn an income doing that!

I like to tell people to just start working your business, the money will come. But for those of you that want to see how this business pays and try to understand the compensation plan…. I wanted to post these videos here for you.

As you can see the pay plan is very generous, GBG pay points are explained here. Pay point make the GBG comp plan unique. That and the bonuses will rewards you well for your efforts.

Over the years GBG has made many enhancements to the compensation plan. I have been in GBG since October of 2007 and GBG’s comp plan has been rewarding me ever since.

Videos will play in order. (May not work on some mobile devices.)

Video 1 – Weekly Fast Start Pay

Video 2 – Monthly Enroller Bonuses

Video 3 – World Wide Profit Sharing Bonus Pool

Video 4 – Leadership Bonuses

Video 5 – 2 x 30 Monthly Matrix Pay

Video 6 – The Power of Pay Points

Video 7 – Platinum Infinity Bonuses

Thank you for watching these GBG videos.  If you need more info call me anytime at 877-508-3388



About C.J.

I joined GBG in October of 2007 to build a home business and be financially free to do those things I am most passionate about!

Partner with me and let’s build the GBG Business Opportunity together! May God bless you in all that you do!




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