Looking For GBG and You Found Me

gbgmeWere you looking for GBG or Novus-GBG?

Hi, I’m C.J.

I made this website to be found at the TOP of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
So, did it work? Did I at least make it to the 1st page?
I hope so.. however I understand that you may have found me through social media too.

Be sure to let me know how  you became acquainted with this site.

Let me tell you a little about me…
I found the *GBG 10-IN-ONE supplement in October of 2007.

I was just doing what you were probably just doing… Searching the internet.

10inoneI was searching for a good vitamin supplement.

Something that combined just about everything I should take in a supplement. I knew about the health benefits of CO-Q10, antioxidants, and Superfoods like Goji, Amalaki, Mangosteen, and others, I wanted a supplement that had these things in them.

When I heard all of these things were in one supplement (Plus a lot more) I said…
“I got to get this!”

It had 10 FORMULAS and when I noticed the price, I was sold, and just like that… |
I was purchasing it.
I was now a GBG customer and rep.
(The Business was and still is FREE)

How could I NOT buy it right away?
It was a great supplement, priced right.
It only took only seconds for me to make a decision.

When I first joined I never knew that I was going to be here over 7 years later, It still amazes me.

I was just so excited. So I started sharing GBG with EVERYONE and within months I was a top recruiter for the company!

I still take my GBG 10-In-One every single day – over 7 years later!
I love it.
When I first started taking GBG, I noticed my joint pain was lessened, the pain was non-existent on some days. (I had lived with terrible joint pain for years).
I also feel like the supplement helps me focus and gives me more energy too.

Good story so far? Thanks, I think so too.

Of course there is a lot more to that story, If you are interested in knowing more just pick up the phone and call me anytime at 877-508-3388

So that brings you us to this very moment in time.
A time for you to make a decision….

Why are you here?

  • Did you hear about a great supplement called GBG 10-In-One? (Or MA+IGP)?
  • Are you interested a MLM Business Opportunity?
  • Did you hear about how easily you could earn income at Novus GBG?
  • OR… Are you just checking to see is GBG still exists?

Okay, If it is one of those things, I have some answers for you.
If you have another reason, I am sorry, I just don’t know what it is… you know I can’t read your mind. (Although there has been a series of debates about this.)

I digress…
If you are looking for a great supplement, like I was, then just buy it here.

No one is going to get angry at you because you are not interested in earning money, (right now) You probably have other “things” you are doing, and I get that.
You might even be in some other MLM company.
Believe me, it is okay if you are, people can make money in a lot of things nowadays, I admire you if you are.

Now, if you are still around, and you are interested in earning income…
How do you like RESIDUAL income? You know what that is, right?
That is what most of us are after.
First of all you want to make money in your own HOME BUSINESS and perhaps you even want to work this little part-time thing and get a full-time income from it someday.
I can tell you that it is possible. You can do it. Anyone can.

And it really is easy to so. (I am serious, it is EASY TO DO)

So how easy is it? Well, how would you like to earn $500 a month just by having 50 customers buying only a $40 product each month!
I KNOW RIGHT! That is pretty amazing.

You are saying, “For reals?”
I am saying FOR REALS.

50 customers = $500.00 and that’s not all folks. Every person you personally enroll will earn a $20 fast start bonus and a $10 Monthly bonus.
Paid weekly! 

Yep, there’s more… lots more. If your goal was just to get 50 customers, you got them, you’d still make more than $500.
Because you’d have folks that want to build a business too, right?
YES, of course you would. Those folks… they are called YOUR TEAM.

Every single month you will get paid your TEAM MATRIX PAY. Depending on how many levels deep your qualified for and as your team is growing, so will this monthly bonus check.

Also, every time you sign up a PLATINUM you can earn up to $200.00! (also get bonuses when your team signs up Platinum too!)
These Platinum bonuses are paid WEEKLY!

This is just an overview and remember folks…
More info…
Watch the WEBINAR here!

Can I help you build YOUR TEAM?
How am I going to do that?
You are the one that actually builds your team.
See, I am not going to build it for you. If I don’t hear from you, I will probably wonder what happened to you, but I will not be chasing you down.

But If you are interested in building a real business, in network marketing there are two types of people who make it.
1. Those people who just do it. They know what to do and they go get it done. They don’t need my help… but they will still call and stay in touch. They put prospects on the phone with me etc. (They were usually leaders in another company).
2. Those people who want my help and then they go out and work their business. They don’t waste time. They ask questions, they learn and they do.
They eventually become leaders on the team.

If you are one of these people, I will help you all I can. We are building a site that will help you build too. One that will get indexed in search engines. I can not guarantee that you will get sign ups from it but my goal is to help you build online and I will do all I can to help you achieve your success.

Your success is my goal.

Ready to get started or you want more info click here to go to my GBG website and click JOIN NOW or one of the other links on the page.

So, are you just checking to see if GBG still exists? 

If that is the case, YES IT DOES!
Well sorta. The GBG products still exist.
The original GBG that was founded by Stuart Finger no longer exists. While Stu is still a Novus-GBG Rep, a good friend, and one of my sponsors, he is ONLY a rep.

Novus dba GBG is a brand new company offering the same great GBG 10-IN-ONE product. The pay plan is BETTER than ever and the business is ever-growing.
This is an amazing time to get started in this company.

So what are you waiting for… join already!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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