Start Your GBG Business Before Jan 1 2014

Why Join GBG Before January 1st 2014?

* See below for MONDAY DEC 16th 2013 call info

  • As of January 1st, 2014, all GBG Platinum Packages will once again be priced at $399.97. There will be 3 packages and a whole new marketing system.
  • A 10-IN-ONE Sample System!
  • There will also be new increased Fast Start Bonuses accompanying all Platinum Package sales, as well as a powerful new Platinum Matrix Pay-out.

*BIG NEWS* – Tonight you will be able to PRE-PURCHASE the NEW PLATINUM SAMPLE PACKAGE FOR $399.97 and these packages will also pay $200 fast start bonuses! (Get more info on tonight call!)

The current $199.97 packages will only be available through midnight, December 31st. Anyone who is a Platinum by 12/31 will become a PLATINUM FOR LIFE and get the full benefit of the new Platinum Pay Plan! Tell everyone you know who is NOT already a Platinum that the $199.97 package option is ONLY available through the end of the month. (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Once you sign up as a Platinum distributor with the purchase of the $199.97 Platinum Action Package, you will receive in the mail:

  • 2 canisters of MA+IGP
  • 1 bottle of GBG’s 10-in-One Super Vitamin & Mineral Formula
  • 25 of GBG’s 16-page MA+IGP booklets
  • One MA+IGP shaker cup.

Get yours now and recruit your first three platinum reps (BEFORE Dec 31st 2013) and you will then become a PRESIDENTIAL PLATINUM And you also EARN your initial $199 back right away!

How to get $200 in bonuses BEFORE JAN 1st… 

  • When you sign up your first Platinum Action distributor, you receive $40 in Fast Start Pay.
  • When you sign up your second Platinum Action distributor, you receive another $40 in Fast Start Pay.
  • When you sign up your third Platinum Action distributor: You receive $40 in Fast Start Pay! AND YOU WILL QUALIFY FOR A $80 Presidential Platinum Bonus! That’s $200.00 in pay right away!

Please Note: You must sign up your Platinum Action distributor within 30 days from your Platinum Action Package purchase date to qualify for this Presidential Platinum Bonus

Watch the GBG Just Push Play Video Below!

  • As a Presidential Platinum you are eligible to be paid up to 30 levels of Matrix Pay!
  • For every NEW Platinum distributor you personally enroll from your third on, you’ll receive $40 in Fast Start Pay (for the $199 package) and a FREE Pay Point! Pay points mean that from EVERY new associate you recruit you are paid a NEW 30 levels of pay!

Just sign up three people who want what you want! A happy life, good health, and financial freedom! Sign them up with GBG’s Platinum Action Package by MIDNIGHT on the 31st of December 2013 to take advantage of the $199.00 special!


Fast start bonuses is one ONE WAY that you get paid at GBG. There are Enroller bonuses (Paid weekly!) Matrix bonuses and Profit Sharing bonus pools!

With GBG you can get in profit mode very quickly, and help other people who need to change their health and their financial future too.

NOTE: The Platinum Action Package is available to new customers and distributors only. So if you are a GBG rep now, you can upgrade to Platinum by purchasing the $199 Action package… BUT ONLY UNTIL DECEMBER 31st 2013.

(If you decide to join GBG as a Gold member, remember that after Dec 31st you can still upgrade, but you will have to do so with any of the other Platinum Packages that will be priced at $399.97)

To get started and order your package:

  • Simply CLICK HERE
    Click on ‘Order Now’
    Under PLATINUM DISTRIBUTOR click on ‘Get Started This Way’
    Select the Platinum Action Package for $199.97

The time is NOW! Make the investment into your future and get started today!

It’s awesome to be in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME!

Getting in at the $199 price will just kick off your business for 2014.

Jan 1st means BIG-TIME Fast start and enroller bonuses… And so much more BUT I can not tell you about them now…


MONDAY DEC 16th 2013 Join Us for A Special Year-End / New Year Conference Call!

We will unveil all of the exciting things that 2014 will bring to GBG!

  1. – New Website
  2. – New Video
  3. – New Business Overview Kit Marketing System
  4. – New Platinum Packages
  5. – New Increased Platinum Package Fast Start Pay
  6. – New Increased Enroller Bonus
  7. – New Increased and SIMPLIFIED Platinum Promotion Pay

What is happening in GBG is really exciting.  I have been in GBG for over 6 years and have NEVER BEEN THIS EXCITED. Get on the call! DO NOT miss this!

  • 6:00PM PST / 9:00PM EST
  • 832-225-5846
  • Pin Code: 75143

Thank you for checking out by blog… God bless you!

CJ – Call me anytime at 877-508-3388

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