Why do you need GBG MA+IGP



Why Everyone should take MA+IGP…

We believe that diseases are really cellular dysfunctions, if you take care of cellular health you can take care of your body at the root of the problem.

Your cells will take care of your tissues, your tissues with take of your organs and your organs will take care of your disease or the symptoms.

This is a science based product designed to fight free radicals in your body, detoxify your cells at the cellular level, re-balance your immune system and protect you from radiation and electromagnetic fields. (Such as possible tumors from cell phone usage)

Here is the video from the formulator of the product

All purchases are 100% Money back empty canister guaranteed!
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MA+ IGP: A Breakthrough in Nutritional Science!

  • Stimulates your body’s own natural antioxidant system!*
  • Detoxifies your body and neutralizes the oxidative stress caused by heavy metals!*
  • Protects against free radicals that can damage cells and contribute to premature aging!*
  • Rebuilds muscle mass and promotes a healthy immune system!*
  • The Single, Most Important Antioxidant You Simply Can’t Afford to Live Without It!

What you need to know:

Your body replaces about 1% of your cells every day. That means 1% of your body is new today and another 1% tomorrow. Think about it, you get a new body every 90 days. It’s not entirely accurate but pretty close. Your skin, your body, your organs, your tissue…your heart…are all constantly in a state of regeneration… and as we age…degeneration, because your body is under attack by free radicals all the time.

You are either: Replicating healthy cells and slowing or delaying the aging process, or Replicating unhealthy cells and speeding the aging process.

MA+ IGP:  Your Secret To Health, Beauty & longevity?*

As the “Master Antioxidant,” MA+ IGP lays down the ultimate foundation to start building a healthy, more youthful body starting today! By delivering a powerful “one-two-punch” in each and every dose, GBG’s MA+ IGP goes to work quickly to detoxify damaged cells and create new, healthy cells so your body will have the ammunition it needs to promote cellular health, boost defense mechanisms and slow the aging process.*

Please note: Due to regulatory restrictions, not all products and product packages are available in all countries. Pricing and packaging may also be different in certain countries.


*My doctor told me that I had very HIGH CHOLESTEROL. He wanted to put me on a certain drug. But I researched that drug, and found out that it could cause severe liver damage. So instead, my husband and I decided to go on the loading dose of MA+. In just a short time, my cholesterol levels went back to where they should be, with no side effects – just good health.

Mary — New Hampshire

I had been struggling with CANCER. I was so bad off that some of my friends in another state even thought that the next time they came to Ohio, it would be for my funeral! About 10 days after I began to take the product, I went in for some radiation for some spots on my back. The doctor came in and told me they were canceling the procedure, because I “was perfect”. I had been living on pain pills, because I was in pain all the time. I now feel so good; I don’t even take them any more!

Don — Ohio

My wife has battled Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s disease and other conditions for about ten years. She was in constant pain, and suffered continually. Even while she slept, I would see her grimace in pain. After she had been on MA+ for only 11 days, I am happy to report that I have my wife back again. She is smiling, happy, energetic, and is enjoying life again. We’re STAYING on MA+!

Steve — Oregon

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 10 years. I was in pain day after day, but refused to take medication because I was afraid it would damage my liver. Last July I was introduced to MA+. I started taking it right away. In one week, about half my pain was gone. As I continue to use the product, the pain is less and less. Also, recently, I had surgery to fix the leak at the mitral valve of my heart. After the surgery, the Doctor said I would always have a leak, but that it was 50% improved from before the surgery. After taking MA+ for 4 months, I decided to get another checkup on my heart. They did an electrocardiograph, and the Doctor couldn’t find the leak anymore. I am so thankful that MA+ was introduced to me.

Amanda – Ohio

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Young and Healthy people should take GBG MA+IGP too!

Additional Info:

What is MA+IGP?

MA+IGP stands for Master Antioxidant plus Intracellular Glutathione Precursor.

That’s a mouthful of big words that simply mean MA+IGP helps your body to heal itself – better than anything else we know of, in almost every way imaginable!

Everyone has heard of antioxidants. Intracellular Glutathione is the body’s own Master Antioxidant. It’s why your body can heal itself from things like cuts, colds and even diseases. You can’t take Glutathione in a pill or formula, your body has to make it. And as we age, our bodies make less and less of it. That’s why it takes us longer to heal as we get older.

MA+IGP sends a signal to your body to produce more Glutathione. This signal is called a precursor. The reason MA+IGP is so unique is because unlike all other whey protein products, our proprietary manufacturing process completely preserves these Glutathione precursors.

What does this mean for you?

MA+IGP is a therapeutic health product that helps your body to heal itself of almost any condition or symptom you may be experiencing. Regardless of the ailment, MA+IGP can help your body on a cellular level to heal itself and regain optimal, pain-free, vibrant health.

MA+IGP is as close to a miracle as anything we’ve ever seen. This is because your body itself is miraculous and all MA+IGP does is help your body to function at the self-healing level it once did when you were younger.

Try GBG MA+IGP for yourself and experience life the way it’s supposed to be lived!

All purchases are 100% Money back empty canister guaranteed!

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About Me (C.J.) …


I joined GBG in October of 2007.
I was attracted to the GBG 10-In-One Multi Formula because it had just about everything your body needs and I wanted to get healthier.

In the beginning I just wanted to tell people about a great product, I never thought I would build such a large team and become one of GBG’s most successful reps. 

The same is true today, all you have to do is tell people about some great products. They will continue to buy those products and you keep getting paid.  You can build a business from home and earn extra income or do those things that you always dreamed about.

Call me anytime at 877-508-3388 I would love to help you succeed and reach your fullest potential.

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God bless you!

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