Real Success and Personal Development

Okay, so you want me to read this personal development book.

You say it will change my life, if I apply the principles taught therein.
You show me all the successful people who said that they did it, and if I go out and do the same, I too will have success. 

I’m not against personal development, I like several personal development books,  I don’t agree with everything that is said,  but I try to apply the truths that I need to hear at the time. 

Here stated are some general rules about how I decide what to fill my head with:

If the author is an atheist, I’m not interested.

If he or she is a “New Ager” I’m not interested. 

If he or she blends the biblical truth with error, again, I’m not interested.

Does the author communicate with the dead, then I’m definitely not interested.

Does the author say that whatever we want we can have? Satan said that to Eve. How did that work out for her? Only God has this power. Only God can speak anything into existence.

God is God.  He is not the universe. Anything that tells me to speak to the universe, may as well be telling me to have a casual conversation with demons…  Not gonna do it.

The bible tells us that, all that we need for life and godly living are in his word.

It tells us that if we obey Him we will have success. 

The bible says we should work hard.

It says that if we acknowledge Him, He will give to us and we will have the desires of our heart.
(Those awesome desires come from Him)

The bible also says that we should be kind, tenderhearted, and forgiving,  honest in our business dealings and that we should honor our parents.

God says, that because he has blessed us and given us every good thing, we should honor him with our increase and hence we should do ALL THINGS to His glory and not our own. 

The central theme of most personal development is you, your desires, and what you want. That is selfishness.  He must increase,  I must decrease.

The Lord lifts up the humble.

Make your personal development about what God desires, and how you can help, love, and care for others… And you will find success,
Or rather it will find you.

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