Top 10 Benefits of Getting Started as a GBG Platinum

Top 10 Benefits of Getting Started as a Platinum:

  1. You receive 20% Fast Start Pay in weekly income. DOUBLE the amount Golds earn!
  2. You are qualified to earn up to 10 levels of up-front weekly income in Dynamic Unilevel Pay. (Exclusive only for Platinum’s)!
  3. You retain your Platinum status for LIFE!
  4. You save hundreds of dollars!
  5. You receive exclusive training only for Platinum’s (Priceless)!
  6. You receive special recognition!
  7. You are automatically qualified for 10 levels of Matrix Pay without enrolling anyone!
  8. You can earn 30 levels of Matrix Pay! And up to 5 times as much pay on each level!
  9. You can earn monthly Leadership Bonuses!
  10. You can earn money on every sale worldwide through the Profit Sharing Bonus Pool!

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